Exploring Buddhist exercises and thought

Zen Yoga Buddhism exercises focus on having an inner understanding about the Buddhist practice by using knowledge and wisdom

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  • Zen Yoga Buddhism exercises focus on having an inner understanding about the Buddhist practice by using knowledge and wisdom. Learn all about the Zen Buddhist way through yoga with advice from a yoga instructor in this free video about Zen Buddhism exercises.

    Hi! My name is Ganapati, and I'm a yoga teacher here at Synergy Center Yoga, North Beach, Miami. In this clip we're going to learn about the Zen Buddhist Exercises. In this particular style in the Zen Buddhist is all about having an inner understanding about the practice. The first thing that we're going to is we're going to bring ourselves into the prostration position. The first step in the Zen Buddhist Yoga Tradition is the prostration. How we begin is we place the right hand which is knowledge, and the left hand which is wisdom, together. By placing these two together, we're allowing these two to come. At the same, we take the thumbs and we place them gently inside the empty space that represents the infinite space. Then what we do is we bring the hands over the head at the crown. This allows us to connect to the divine self. Then we bring the hands to the forehead. This allows us to open up our third eye. The third part is to put it against our throat so that way we purify our speech, and we don't do any harm before words. The fourth part to put it in our heart. Allowing our hearts to open, we create a blue light emanated from our heart center. Then we place the hands on to the ground, and we allow ourselves to go into the prostration. In step two, we're going to bring ourselves to the earth, and how we begin is by placing our knees down comfortably. If you need to, you may use a blanket or a towel to allow yourself to feel comfortable. Placing the hands on to the ground, we gently extend ourselves out in front, releasing our chest, and our head to the earth. Then we extend the arms out with that hands pointing forward. Now then I'm going to just show you how we do it. And then we gently come up, bringing the hands once again along the side of the rib cage. Bring yourself up on to the, on to your knees, and bringing the hands back down. Curling the toes in, we extend the legs up, and then we slowly bring our hands back up into center. Now in step three, we're going to show you how to bring all these parts together. So let us begin. Thanks. This has been Ganapati.

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