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  • Gordon believes the breathing exercise works because it works in the same way as meditation: It helps people quiet the mind and let go of preoccupying thoughts.

    The Activity - Running
    The Expert Danny Dreyer, author of ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-free Running
    How? With closed lips, breathe in sharply and deeply through the nose. Then purse your lips, as if you're trying to blow out a candle, and exhale through your mouth. As you in for one step and out for two.
    Why? "The rapid inhale and slower exhale in this technique fills your lungs from the bottom," Dreyer says. "Breathing exercises help you take in more air when you inhale and empty your lungs completely when you exhale." The result? "Your muscles receive more glycogen, which lowers your chances of cramping up."

  • I been having problem breathing my self I had surgery on 1996 and my doctor didn’t tell me about breathing exercise and im finding these too help about coughing and breathing exercise,
    im starting doing this, and hopefully it goes back too normal someday i’m glad I found this website here,

    I’ve had a knee arthroscopy with general anesthesia two days ago and was getting a bit worried about the uncomfort I was feeling when trying breathe in deeply. I’m not very happy that the hospital staff forgot to tell me about the post-op breathing exercises, but at least now I’ll start doing them and hopefully return to normal functioning soon. Thank you!

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  • I had a bout with a respiratory virus that has been going around and discovered that these breathing exercises are helping me clear the congestion leftover from that! I knew that I had done breathing exercises after all of my surgeries but wasn’t sure it would help in my present situation, fortunately for me, it has! Great article!!

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Learning to breathe during exercise has benefits such as preventing dizziness during activity, improving athletic performance, and increasing fat burning.