Some examples of Brain Gym exercises are:

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The top 10 brain gym exercises are as follows:

Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning

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  • Working on the same principles as the Johns Hopkins study, Brain Gym uses exercises that take the student back to the fundamental movements of childhood. Interestingly, these movements can be done by anyone with the same results.

    A healthy and sharp mind is the root mantra of a successful and happy life. A series of simple exercises can boost your brain function in a better way which makes you sharper, smarter and more confident. These exercises are known as brain gym exercises. It comprises of some really easy body movements which helps to coax the two hemispheres of the brain while making them work in synchronization.

  • Get Parents’ Support — Most parents understand the importance of exercise, but mention the connection to learning and brain development at this fall’s parent-teacher conferences. Reprint one of the articles referred to below, or copy a list of Brain Gym exercises for parents to take home. A parent may tell her child to sit right down after school and complete his homework, while 30 minutes of exercise first would make homework time more productive.

    Do Brain Gym Exercises — In mid-morning my class does Brain Gym exercises, which I learned from an occupational therapist. Many Brain Gym exercises, such as “Touch your elbow to your opposite knee,” cross the midline and help handwriting skills develop. We do Brain Gym exercises right before our handwriting lesson to train our brains, as well as to relax and focus. You can get information about Brain Gym on the or locate a resource book like the one pictured above.

  • These exercises are really simple and can be done by people of all age groups. Mostly children and young adults actively practice brain gym exercises. But currently, even adults and aged people too practice these exercises. There are various benefits associated with brain gym exercises. The major benefits associated with brain gym exercises are as follows:


Cross lateral exercises are ideal for active children to perform at the beginning of the school day either in the gym or outdoors. These are simple free brain gym exercises that require no materials. Children can hop in lines, a circle or randomly as they touch the right hand to the left foot and the left hand to the right foot. This can be done as the child bends the knee to reach the foot in front of him or reaches behind to touch the extended foot.