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  • Neither education nor brain exercises are a sure way to prevent Alzheimer's. But they may help delay symptoms and keep the mind working better for longer.

    Our neglect of right brain exercises and reliance on only half a brain has led us away from an intuitive Belief in Divine Design - firstly into an Age of rebellious religious protest and self-determination - then currently, as the finite limitations of physics become increasingly apparent; into a wilderness of self doubt, collective doubt - purposelessness and irrationality - consequently the existential need to analyze what has happened to us.

  • Easily detect students with cognitive deficiencies by using fun brain exercises and brain training programs to help identify and improve the deficient cognitive skills related to concentration, dyslexia, dyscalculia...

    Doing brain exercises and memory challenging puzzles are one way to work your brain, but when it comes to brain health, exercising your body may be even more important. Research has already shown that physical activity can improve the health of your heart, but it also boosts brain health too.

  • In the forty years since wining the Novel Prize for Sperry's work on the two brains, neither the State nor private educational systems has done anything about that warning from the Nobel Prize laureate and tried to correct the imbalance. The main reason why is because nobody as yet has explained exactly what the value of intuitive input is or even why the brain is split into two separate modes of perception in the first place. Consequently nobody is certain how to devise the exact right brain exercises that could correct the imbalance.

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