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  • George Chapman and Alexander Kirillov, master coaches of the respectedPSE Shooter School, go to great lengths to teach archers the techniquesof proper back tension. One simple exercise is to place a tennis ball betweena shooter's shoulder blades and then have him "squeeze" the tennis ballbetween the shoulder blades and try to hold it there without dropping theball. Another technique is to have a shooter draw back on a piece of rubbersport tubing such as the Bowfit Archery Exerciser, and then have someoneelse grip the tubing halfway between the shooter's hands and pull the tubingperpendicular away from the shooter. This causes the shooter to "hold"at full draw using only the back tension muscles.

    You also should practice shooting from the many different positionsand angles encountered in real hunting scenarios. It is surprising howshooting from different positions will recruit different muscles! If itis difficult to get out and shoot often, then I recommend using the BowfitArchery Exerciser to keep your muscles tuned up. This portable trainerworks well for adjusting the resistance from a light warm up to heavy strengtheningdraw weights. It is also convenient to switch hands to exercise both arms,and you can practice drawing from awkward shooting positions in the comfortof your recliner (see fig. 13 - photo of Bowfit Archery Exerciser).

  • The Stork to Standing Bow Exercise is a great way to improve your balance, flexibility and stability, for a more graceful and consistent golf swing.

    Other Body Bow exerciser reviews noted that the instruction booklet that comes with the unit does not show all of the exercisers...you have to watch the video to get the complete workout.

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    The Stork to Standing Bow Exercise forms part of the series of innovative and dynamic exercises that will develop your balance and body awareness for improved consistency and ball-striking from any lie, and for a more efficient golf swing, enabling you to generate more power while maintaining a solid base of support.

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To a beginner, the bow is quite awkward and unwieldily. Using bow exercises not only develop hand strength, they also help get students accustomed to holding the bow and getting used to its weight and balance.