Why Use BOSU Ball Exercises Rather than Stability Ball Exercises?

For those that think they can do everything, I give you our toughest Bosu exercise.

Bosu Balance Trainer, Pink

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  • Trucks and cars perform the same basic function: drive you around. Yet there are functions which a car can do that and a truck cannot, and vice versa. There is no reason to say that BOSU ball exercises are better than stability ball or that stability balls are better. You should incorporate both into your workout regimen. This will ensure you receive the benefits of both while developing a fun, interesting exercise program.

    As with most exercise balls, it is best to use the BOSU as a complementary tool. Use the BOSU to progress floor exercises. As with any exercise progression, make sure you are solid on the basics before attempting to progress. In this case, you should master the floor exercise before you attempt the BOSU ball exercise.

  • We love the versatility of the BOSU, which stands for "both sides up." Weather you work with the unstable ball side facing down or up, you can use this fitness tool to work every part of your body. Plus, the BOSU makes almost every exercise more challenging. Watch this video to learn five BOSU exercises that create a full-body workout.

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    Modifications: To vary the difficulty of these BOSU ball exercises, you can adjust your starting position. If you move back to where your butt is on top of the ball, you must lift more of your upper body weight. This will make the exercise more difficult. If your hands are behind your head, the weight of your arms will also help make the BOSU ball crunch more difficult.

  • Plus, there are so many exercises you can make even more challenging just by busting out a BOSU. (Need proof? Just try planking on this tricky beast.) Break a sweat with some of my favorite BOSU exercises in the workout below.

Total Body Benefits with Simple BOSU Ball Exercises

There are so many different varieties of BOSU ball crunches that it’s impossible to cover them all here. Please watch the videos of BOSU ball exercises to get some more ideas.