35 Cardio-Based Bodyweight Exercises- this is awesome!

Here is a list of other great bodyweight exercises for getting lean and BodyRipped!

You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises

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  • Bodyweight Workouts: How to Build Lean Body Muscle Using Just Your Bodyweight! These workouts are typically designated for men. (Female bodyweight workouts are filed in "Body Workouts.") Get Bodyweight Exercises, Workouts, and Fitness Routines.

    Burpees are insane for cardio. Doing just 10 minutes of it and you will be wiped the rest of the day. I usually combine burpees with high knees on my cardio days. I found your great list of bodyweight exercises that I’m going to add to list of bodyweight exercises to do

  • There you have 10 really good body weight exercises you can use in your routine. As you can tell we have linked to actual demonstrations of the exercises to ensure you understand exactly how to perform each of them for fantastic results. These are only a few of our favorites we will work into our training so we hope you like ‘em.

    The Dead lift is a very well known move in the gym, typically NOT as a body weight exercise.
    The however can be done very efficiently with just your body weight.

  • This body weighted exercise works primarily the core, including the abdominals as well as your back. You are also working your legs, triceps and shoulders if executed properly.

[…] via Bodyweight Exercise Routines from Basic to Advanced |. […]

Set up as you would for a push-up, but place your feet further apart and keep your hips up. Instead of pushing up, push back. This variation will train your shoulders and prepare for you some difficult bodyweight exercises.