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Best Body Weight Exercises

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  • As bodyweight exercises use the individual's own weight to provide the resistance for the movement, the weight being lifted is never greater than the weight of one's own body. This can make it difficult to achieve a level of that is near the individual's , which is desirable for strength training. Another disadvantage is that bodyweight training may be daunting to novices and seen to be too easy for experienced athletes. Women, in general, also find it more difficult to do bodyweight exercises involving upper body strength and may be discouraged from undertaking these exercises in their fitness regimes.

    Bodyweight exercises also work several muscle groups at once, due to the lack of isolation and the need of a large majority of muscles to perform a movement properly. For example, in a pushup, the body must form a rigid straight line, and the elbow joint must move from a straight angle to the smallest angle possible, and thus the core muscles, chest muscles, triceps, and legs are all involved in ensuring proper, strict form.

  • Bodyweight exercises also give the advantage of having minimal bulking and cutting requirements that are normally utilised in free weight and machines training. This is due to bulking bringing extra fat that decreases the performance of bodyweight exercises, thus bodyweight exercises not only remove the need for a bulking or cutting phase, but it can help a person retain a low body fat percentage all year round.

    Bodyweight exercises can be increased in intensity by including additional weights (such as wearing a weighted vest or holding a , , sandbell or plate during a sit up), but this deviates from the general premise that bodyweight exercises rely solely on the weight of the individual to provide resistance.

  • Bodyweight exercises have a far lower risk of injury compared to using free weights and machines due to the absence of an external load that is placing strain on the muscles that they may or may not be able to deal with. However, the lower risk of injury is only provided that the athlete/trainee is progressing through the correct progressions and not immediately skipping to strenuous movements that can place undue and possibly harmful stress on ligaments, tendons, and other tissues. Although falling on the head, chest, buttocks, and falling backwards can occur, these are far less harmful injuries than dropping a weight on a body part, or having a joint extended beyond its natural range of motion due to a weight being used incorrectly.

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