Bicep exercises without weights for explosive power

Biceps exercises to build huge arms

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  • If you want to develop fantastic muscular endurance choose bicep exercises without weights that only require you to lift a low percentage of your bodyweight and do at least 20 repetitions per set.

    For muscle size and strength choose biceps exercises for mass that allow you to keep your repetitions to between 6-10 and increase the difficulty of the exercise or choose more demanding biceps exercises without weights to keep within the range required.

  • Not only is this one of the great biceps exercises for building muscle mas and strength for those just starting out but it is also perfect for spurring new growth in anyone who has been training for a while but whose progress has stagnated. It is for this reason that this gets my highest recommendation of all bicep exercises without weights

    Although I said you have to keep the repetition range between 6-10 to build strength and muscle and although this correct, the single biceps exercise without weights doesn’t actually consist of any repetitions at all but is in fact static holds involving the humble chin up.

    Best Biceps Exercises for Bicep Growth

  • Biceps exercises to build huge arms

    • Barbell curls
    • Dumbbell curls
    • Hammer curls
    • Twenty-ones
    • Reverse curls
    • Chin-ups

    Static holds are great for building incredible biceps. If you doubt this consider the huge biceps of Olympic gymnasts, what stands out more than anything else about their bodies is the powerful biceps they have built and it is a fact that most of their training involves static holds more than any other bicep exercises.

The very best bodyweight biceps exercise for mass.

The clapping pull up – is great if you want to improve your explosive power and upper body strength. Although it is very similar to the standard pull up, the speed of movement needed to rise high above the bar, remove your hands, clap and then place your hands back to their original position makes this one of the most demanding and beneficial of all biceps exercises without weights.