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  • Building muscle. If building muscle is your main priority, then strength training is obviously going to be the number one road to success for you. This was my goal when I started, so I can give a lot of pointers with this one. The best home exercise equipment to start with would be a set of adjustable dumbbells, a weight bench, and a pull-up bar. In my opinion, these three pieces of equipment are the most important assets to any home gym, and you can certainly build a solid foundation of muscle with these alone. As a matter of fact, I was able to put on over 25 lbs of muscle using just these before plateauing and needing something more (got myself a nice power rack and barbell set).

    Money, the so-called root of all evil, and yet the only thing standing between you and that beautiful new set of adjustable dumbbells. The last big consideration to make is your budget! Consider how much you actually want to spend on equipment and then choose products once you’ve established a reasonable budget for yourself. Remember, the best home exercise equipment isn’t always the most expensive. With so many brands and products available these days, you’ve got items ranging from super cheap to ridiculously expensive, and the best equipment is usually somewhere reasonably in between. When suggesting best choices for all of the home exercise equipment we listed above, we compared things like quality and price to make sure we were suggesting something that was both top-quality and cost-effective.

  • is likely the first name that comes to mind when anyone thinks about home gym equipment. The extremely well-known brand has been producing fitness equipment since 1986 and has become a staple in the fitness industry, with many people agreeing that they make the best home exercise equipment on the market. Bowflex offers a huge variety of products in nearly every equipment category: free weights, home gym systems, cardio equipment, and more, all of which come with a satisfaction-guaranteed warranty and return policy. This is pretty important when considering equipment because it gives you peace of mind knowing your purchase is 100% worry-free and that you’ll have immediate assistance if you ever experience an issue. Out of the dozens of brands I’ve tested, Bowflex is one of my favorites.

    Defining your fitness goals is the first and most important thing everyone should consider before buying workout equipment. Let’s run through a couple examples below and talk about the best home exercise equipment for each type of goal:

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