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  • There’s a lot of guides out there about beginning exercise. I’ve read many of them, and found a lot of the tips to be helpful. While I’ve been exercising more or less regularly for the past 10 years, I honestly still consider myself a beginner! I know that might sound silly, but I feel like there’s so much more I need to learn, and so much more endurance to build up. There are times where most of my exercise is just taking Jack on walks (which is totally fine in my opinion), but I’m always looking for new ways to improve my workouts as well.

    All women, whether they are just beginning to exercise or are elite athletes need to take precautions to ensure they reduce the risk of injury and overheating.

  • Beginning an exercise program is confusing, at best. Whatever your goal is, the links below will help you get started. Find out what to wear, how to set goals, how to set up a complete program and more.

    Hi Jocelyn,
    See how you feel. Definately do the beginner core strengthing exercises demonstrated above so you learn how to properly contract your abs. You can do 1 – 2 sets of the beginner ab circuit 3 – 5 times per week in place of the curve ab work. If you want to do 1 – 2 sets of Curve ab work after the beginning ab circuit you can. Try to really think about using your core during the exercises and just do the best you can and you will start to progress. As the beginner exercises get easier you can start incorporating less of them and more of the Curvalicious ab work.
    All the best!
    Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

    Beginner Exercise Routine
    20 Jumping Jacks
    20 High Knees
    20 Butt Kicks
    10 Squats
    8 Lunges (each leg)
    6 Push-ups
    20 Mountain Climbers
    20 second Plank hold

    rest 1 minute
    repeat 2 more times

    Intermediate Exercise Routine
    40 Jumping Jacks
    40 High Knees
    40 Butt Kicks
    20 Squats
    10 Push-ups
    12 Lunges (each leg)
    10 Push-ups
    40 Mountain Climbers
    45 second Plank hold

    rest 1 minute
    repeat 2 more times

  • The evidence for balance and flexibility training is inconclusive. Nevertheless, empiric evidence suggests that balance programs, such as repeatedly standing on one leg, can improve stability and decrease the risk of falls. Deconditioned and sedentary elderly patients should be encouraged to improve their functional ability with strength and balance training before beginning aerobic exercise. A physical therapist can be helpful in identifying physical limitations and designing a specific exercise routine. Personal trainers or other athletic club personnel also may be helpful for relatively healthy patients who are already generally active. Trained geriatric exercise leaders are becoming increasingly common at health clubs and senior centers.

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If you currently have -- or have ever had -- any of the following medical conditions, you should consult with a physician prior to beginning an exercise program, according to the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports: