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  • It was not until the 18th century that figured bass exercises, also known as thoroughbass excercises, became a major tool for teaching harmony. During that century, more manuals were published on the subject that any other musical topic. Most publications focused on part-writing rules, such as avoiding parallel octaves or fifths. By the late 18th century, thoroughbass was no longer the dominant compositional technique, but the use of figured bass exercises as a pedagogical tool continued.

    Bass finger exercises are important to keep your fingers loose and increase your speed, reach and flexibility. The more bass guitar finger exercises you can incorporate into your warm-up before gigs or practice sessions, the better you will play. Below is one of my favorite finger exercises for bass guitar. You should start of the exercise at a slow tempo, and work up slowly until you can do this at high speeds. It is important to dedicate only one finger per fret, and master the finger-work before you increase the tempo. After you have mastered a faster tempo, try to do the bass finger exercise without looking at the frets or your fingers. It will take some practice, but you will give your fingers the best workout and improve your bass playing. This is very easy to incorporate into a 5 string bass as well. Just recognize the pattern of the exercise and adapt it to the 5-string bass.

  • The tradition of using figured bass exercises, or partimenti, to teach harmony goes back to 16th century Italy. Church organists in the 16th century often accompanied polyphonic part-music by playing the lowest sounding voice at any given time. Use of the term basso continuo became widespread following the publication of Lodovico Viadana's Cento concerti ecclesiastici in 1602. This publication was unique in that the continuo parts were not extracted from other voices, as was done earlier, but instead were composed independently.

    Playing bass guitar well, much like playing any other musical instrument, requires practice. And how do you practice? You play exercises, often over and over, until you master them. Fun, no? You’ll have an easier time mastering bass guitar exercises if you understand how to read music and tablature and have a basic understanding of common bass grooves.


    2 Bass Exercises


    • Play slowly using rest strokes giving each note its full value.
    • Try playing also with a plectrum or your thumb.
    • Play at a tempo that enables you to play each note clearly.



  • Below are 6 bass guitar exercises that focus on building finger dexterity and becoming better acquainted with arpeggios and how they work together.

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Do you want more exercises or stuff like that? Please leave a comment! :) It's just a simple slap bass exercise using octaves. I think it's good for beginners ;) See ...