The following Barbell Exercises are all compound exercises:

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Top 10 Barbell Exercises For Women / this is what I do in the gym, this is how I burn calories!
Barbell Exercises
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See the 8 best barbell exercises (and why!!)

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  • Without a doubt, the Bench Press barbell exercise is one of the most popular exercise one can do, if not the most popular. The reason why it is so popular comes from the fact that it very efficiently targets 2 popular muscle groups, i.e. the pectorals (chest) and the triceps muscles.

    Another reason why it is so popular comes from the fact that it can be altered to target different sections of the chest muscles. For example, using a wider grip will switch the focus outwardly towards the outer pectorals while using a closer grip will bring the focus to the inner pectorals. Similarly, performing the bench press on a bench in a decline position will bring the focus to the lower part of the pectorals while lying on an incline bench will bring the focus up to the upper part of the chest muscles.

    Closing the list by coming in at number five is the Barbell Row. Although the 'row' can be performed using a variety of equipment, you'll need a high bench on which to lie prone in order to perform this exercise using a barbell. This of course is explained by the fact that barbell exercises use straight down gravity in order to create the necessary resistance.

    As with other barbell exercises, there are a few variations of this exercise, notably the wide-grip and the close-grip adaptations.

  • Barbell exercises are mostly meant for heavy weight training. It is mostly an exercise that benefits weight-lifters, power-lifters and bodybuilders. It is the best tool to measure the body’s ability to lift raw weight. These exercises are the most easy and effective way to tone and improve muscle groups in your body. Here are some easy and effective barbell exercises:

    Landmine exercises are less technical than traditional barbell exercises, making them easier to learn and safer to perform. They also challenge your core and hips more because they work one side of your body at a time and move in multiple planes of motion.

    Barbell Exercises

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    Yeah, when people think of core and ab exercises they think of crunches but rarely barbell exercises. These exercises really work on the core.

Save Your Shoulders With These Barbell Landmine Exercises

That's why I recommend single-arm barbell exercises in a landmine setup. They increase muscle recruitment, maximize tension around the shoulder and reduce poor movement patterns—all in a few foundational moves. Also, they reduce joint stress while maximizing the tension and stabilization patterns of the shoulder, which translates very well to optimal health along with athletic performance.