Here are the balance exercises shown in video.

And just like the balancingexercises, youcan do these exercises in your own home with no equipment

How To Prevent Falls: Better Balance, Independence and Energy in 6 Simple Steps

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  • Once a person feels comfortable and steady with the basic balance exercises, they can safely move on to intermediate, such as the exercises outlined below.

    Stroke balance exercises can be very helpful as a person is going through the recovery process. Physical therapists do caution that balance exercises for stroke patients should begin at a basic level and work towards a more advanced routine. Basic level exercises might seem simple at first. However, to work properly, they do require strong brain connections.

  • Many people don't even realize their balance is impaired. Some athletes and weekend warriors have repetitive strain or overuse injuries, and one variable that may be causing the injury is impaired balance and proprioception. If you are experiencing pain and limited motion, your physical therapist can assess your balance as part of a comprehensive evaluation and prescribe balance exercises as part of your rehab.

    When stroke sufferers are really dedicated to balance exercises, they are often surprised at how quickly they can progress to the next level. It is different for everyone, so if you have suffered a stroke and are participating in exercises, there is no need to rush it. If and when you are ready, you can move on to high-level balance exercises for stroke, such as those suggested here.

    Balance exercises for seniors can have an immediate impact on the health and well being of the actively aging. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013:

    • There were 2.5 million emergency room visits for nonfatal falls in the 65 and over age bracket; over 700,000 of these visits resulted in hospitalization.
    • The direct cost of these falls was estimated to be $34 billion.
    • 20-30% of these falls will result in moderate injuries that keep the active aging from being mobile and inhibit physical fitness.

    From 9 months to 90 years balancing while walking, even though the simple obstacle course of a living room, is vital. Given the statistics above, it is important for the actively aging to increase their balance-ability. In addition, trampoline exercise for seniors is a great way to not only increase balance, but strength and muscle training as well.

    The Basic Balance

    • Stand up straight with your feet a few inches apart. Put your arms over your head palms touching.
    • Lift your right foot a few inches off the floor, balancing on your left leg. Hold this for as long as you can. 5 secs is a good start; aim for 30.
    • Lower your foot to the starting position.
    • Repeat with your left leg. This completes one rep.
    • If you can, repeat once or twice more
    • Looking for a challenge?  Try it on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline!

  • Advanced Trampoline Balance

    • Get on your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, standing comfortably with your feet a few inches a part. If you have a handle bar, position yourself with the handle bar on your left side.
    • Put your arms straight out, then lift your right leg straightening it out in front of you while slightly bending your left knee. Hold this for as long as you can. 5 secs is a good start; aim for 30.
    • Lower your right foot to the starting position. If you have the handle, turn 180 degrees of the handle is now on your right side.
    • Repeat with your left leg. This completes one rep.
      If you can, repeat 5 times.

    Looking for more balance exercises for seniors?
    Try Abbie Appel's Body Bounce Circuit! She focuses on understanding how a rebounder works and exercises that increase strength, muscle development and balance. The video contains a series of balance exercises that would be great from the young at heart! This is the first in our trampoline video workout series and is great for the beginning rebounder or someone looking for a regular workout routine that they can build on.

    If you have fallen or feel like your balance is impaired, you should check in with your doctor for an assessment. Ask your doctor to refer you to a physical therapist for a complete balance evaluation. Your PT can check things out and get you started on the path to improving your balance. You may also be able to visit your physical therapist via ; no doctor's referral is needed, so if you feel like you want to learn some new balance exercises, just call your physical therapist and explain your needs.

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Balance exercises have been found to not only increase balance and prevent falls but also to help advance leg strength. Balance exercises can be useful to enhance core muscle strength when the individual includes holding their core muscles tight while performing balance exercises. Balance exercises can also be incorporated with free weight training to maximize strength and balance gains. See