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Posture Corrector, Middle Back Exerciser Stand Up Str8, Fixes Rounded and Hunched Position, Strengthens Posterior Shoulder Blade Muscles

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  • Many people tend to overdo it when starting strengthening exercises for the back, resulting in back strain. Back pain caused by doing too much too soon sets one back even farther. But the ultimate goal is to be able to do the back strengthening exercises. Strengthening the back can't be rushed. It takes patience but it is well worth the effort.

    Be sure to warm up before doing back exercises with five minutes of walking, or using an exercise bike or elliptical trainer, or even marching on the spot. Warm-up exercises prepare your back for strength exercises or stretching exercises by increasing circulation to the muscles.

  • Improve your overall upright posture with foam roller back exercises. For this mid-back extension, lay on your back with the foam roller horizontally beneath your shoulder blades. Place both hands behind your head. Slowly arch your mid back over the foam roller. As you extend back, gently draw in the lower abdominals to avoid over-arching from the low back. Discomfort is common during foam rolling, but pain should not occur. 'If you experience pain, bruising, or prolonged inflammation, you have likely worked the region too aggressively,' says Jim Heafner, PT, DPT of Heafner Health Physical Therapy. Try these .

    Read on to learn about basic neck and upper back anatomy, common posture problems, exercise guidelines, and the best neck and upper back exercises women can perform to strengthen their neck and upper back muscles, providing relief from neck/upper back pain and headaches.

    BackHealth Exerciser
    The BackHealth Exerciser is a heavy duty, life long piece of back-testing and back-exercise equipment.

    The portable exerciser weighs approximately 43 pounds, is 2 ft. wide, 5 ft. long, 2 ft. high, and sells for $289.99 including FREE SHIPPING and handling. The BackHealth Exerciser adjusts for people of varying heights ranging from 5'2" to 6'4", and is quickly adjustable between users of varying heights.

    Video Instructions
    The unit comes complete with video instructions and a wall chart. This is the same equipment used in the Coca-Cola example where use of the BackHealth program statistically eliminated back injury in the workplace.

    The BackHealth system allows for constant evaluation of spinal fitness and provides strengthening opportunity when necessary. Apart from the back-strength testing procedure, potential users of the BackHealth Exerciser and back-strengthening routine should undergo a thorough physical examination prior to beginning the BackHealth Exercise Program!


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Middle-back Exercises & Middle-back Workouts

These are one of the hardest and most successful upper back exercises. Grab a chin up bar with your palms facing forward or facing you. When you pull yourself up, cross your feet over one another to prevent swinging. This will work the rhomboids and lats. Enhance your pull ups by holding your position at the top and then dropping slowly down before pulling up again.