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The newest aqua exercise workout that provides a low impact, high-energy challenge for participants of all ages, skill and fitness levels.

Aqua Fitness Exercise Set - 6 Piece Set - Water Workout and Aerobics - Floatation Belt, Resistance Gloves, Barbells by Aqua Leisure

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  • Like other forms of aerobic workouts, swimming pool exercises have benefits like helping you in losing weight, lowering blood sugar levels, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and so on. However, aqua aerobics has additional benefits over other forms of aerobic exercises. Since the buoyancy of water supports 90 percent of the body, practically anyone can do aquatic exercises, regardless of factors like fitness levels, obesity, age, and health conditions. For instance, swimming pool exercises is an ideal way to start for newbies just beginning an exercise program. It conditions all the major groups of muscles, as well as the lungs and heart. Plus, it is a gentler way of building cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance.

    On the whole, aqua aerobics can be a fun way of working out, which the participants usually look forward to with enthusiasm and anticipation. Besides getting into better shape, due to the well-known therapeutic powers of water, aquatic exercises can be a form of relaxing and de-stressing.

  • Heel pain, Foot pain, Ankle pain, Knee pain, Hip pain, Spinal or Back pain that is aggravated by walking, running or other weight bearing exercises, can all benefit from the buoyancy of swimming or water exercise. Arthritis and Fibromyalgia are a few of the conditions for which aquatic exercise can be very beneficial. And stretching in water feels so much easier.

    Fitness is a splash with Aqua Zumba, our invigorating, low-impact aquatic exercise classes. Known as the Zumba "pool party," Aqua Zumba gives new meaning to the idea of a refreshing workout. Integrating the Zumba philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba classes blend it all together into a workout that's cardio-conditioning, body-toning and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief.

    Who Can Do Aqua Exercises? 
    Almost everyone can! Water provides not only a suitable resistance, but also a safe environment. Because our bodies lose most of their weight in the water, we don’t have to worry about our joints while we jump and kick in the pool

  • Flutter Kick is a leg kicking movement in the water for the purpose of moving and keeping the correct body position while swimming.

    Flutter kick is also used for aquatic exercising to tone leg and core muscles. One example is the side kick shown in the GIF on the left (click here to view this exercise). 

    But if the flutter kick is not performed correctly, then it may not have the effect intended. A person doing a wrong flutter kick would find himself using extra effort and not moving. So in the article, I will explain the correct method to perform flutter kicks.  

    () If you haven't tried water workouts lately, your body doesn't know what it's missing. If you sweat during these water workouts, no one will know but you.

    In this Mind Your Body TV video with Lynda Huey, M.S., I learn just how tough water workouts can be. I kid Huey that "I'm a doubter," but by the end of this aquatic session, we've jumped through nine very different moves that left me gasping for air—and I'm fit.

    Why water workouts:

    Exercising in water does a few things that exercising on land can't do. Water workouts let you "turn it up" in an environment that has the following properties:

    *Buoyancy: You feel lighter, yet water gives you support.
    *Resistance: You use muscles you might not engage on land, and you improve balance and strength.
    *Hydrostatic pressure: The water around you "envelopes you" and may aid blood circulation.
    *Temperature: If water is heated, that helps blood circulation, too, and it also helps you relax.

    Water workouts prevent injuries:

    If you can't jog anymore because of injuries to knees or hips, water takes care of that so you don't pound on hard ground. It actually helps protect your spine and your joints if done correctly. Water workouts can help you burn calories, lose weight and tone your entire body and they're bound to make you smile—especially if you're doing them with a group of friends.

    Don't know if you saw Lynda Huey's first video with Mind Your Body TV, but it's a good introduction to water workouts and aquatic therapy—the latter is a good option for you if you're injured and have been given a prescription for physical therapy. The American Physical Therapy Association even has a special "section" for PTs who choose to practice aquatic therapy. Remember that water workouts and aquatic exercise are not aquatic therapy.

    Find water workouts:

    After watching this video about water workouts, bet you'll have a great time the next time you're at a friend's pool. Or ask your local YMCA/YWCA or health and fitness club (that has a pool) what classes might work for you. Water workouts have come a long way from dog-paddling.

    Want to get wet? You bet! You'll get fitter in a splash!

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