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  • A thorough rehabilitation programme must be followed after an ACL injury, whether reconstruction surgery is undertaken or not. These exercises can be used to strengthen the knee joint throughout this process.
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    Start with basic ACL exercises and add more difficulty as you get stronger, such as moving up to jump squats. Remember to stretch; try hamstring, quadricep, hip flexor and IT Band stretches.

  • ACL Injury Rehab will be needed after every ACL ligament tear or mild sprain.

    It takes time and ACL injury treatment for ACL recovery to be completed so the injury does not bother you anymore.

    Not allowing proper time for ACL rehab will cause the injury to be easily aggravated and happen again.

    ACL surgery recovery or ACL minor sprain recovery will both need proper time to heal combined with treatment and than ACL rehab exercises to strengthen the injured ACL ligament before returning to your sport.

    Proper ACL injury treatment will depend on how severe the actual sprain or tear of the ACL ligament is.

    My personal advice to any athlete out there is whenever you feel like you suffered knee injury, no matter what ligament is in question, you should step off the field and put ice over the knee.

    While the athlete is playing any kind of sport, soccer or other, running will keep the body warm and the injury may feel less severe than it really is making the athlete think that its just minor pain that they can play through.

    By staying on the field and playing through this minor knee pain, the injury may get a lot worse than it originally was needing a lot more time for recovery than it originally would.

    Whenever you feel like something is wrong with your knee, minor pain or a twist should be iced right away. Trust your instinct and step off the field immediately when you feel that something may be wrong.

    During every ACL injury rehab, ACL treatment should be in letting the pain subside, using the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) and any anti-inflammatory medication than working on mobility off the knee followed by strengthening the knee before returning to any activity or sport.

    Adding additional support by simply compressing the knee when walking will help a lot during ACL injury rehab time.

    ACL surgery recovery treatment is a lot different than ACL injury rehab from a minor tear or sprain of the ACL ligament.

    Bellow you can find the ACL rehab treatment for different degree ACL injuries and at the bottom you will find a list of ACL rehab exercises.

    Although a comprehensive ACL prevention program is beyond the scope of this article (check out STACK's ), I want to highlight three of the best ACL prevention exercises, all of which I have used with my athlete-clients over the years. They benefit athletes of all levels, require no equipment and can be performed in minimal time. For best results, perform them two to three times per week.

  • There are other ACL exercises that may be recommended, but maintaining leg strength and restoring flexibility and mobility are the primary goals. In any event, start slowly and never hurry the exercises along. Rapid motion could in some instances undo what has been repaired. Some pain may be experienced in the early stages. The goal should never be to try to work through pain no matter how severe it is. This is not world-class competitive training, this is rehabilitation. It will take its own time, though the exercises will speed the process.

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There are a number of recommended ACL exercises, several of which can be started immediately following surgery. The value of doing ACL exercises as part of the rehabilitation process cannot be overstressed. The reason for this becomes apparent when looking at the function of the ACL.